"Abbey's workouts are just great. Her routines are interesting, original, and very effective for strengthening you and improving your balance and feeling of confidence and relaxation in your own body. Throughout your workout Abbey's exercises seem to be tailored to you. As a personal trainer she is completely attentive to your needs. She is contributing knowledge, empathy, and encouragement as I successfully work through an injury, reducing pain and stress and effectively strengthening the areas near the injured part. I hope to train with her forever."
Connie, NYC

"Working out with Abbey has been tremendous. I had never worked out with weights before. I have learned more about my body in a year and a half than I had in the previous 50 years. I have learned to push myself, trust my body and develop strength I never knew I had. It has been incredibly empowering."
Larry, NYC

"Abbey's knowledge and love for her work paired with her individually designed program and FUN make working with Abbey the singularly most important physical activity I could do. At age 56, I am stronger and more active than I ever thought possible."
Shelley, NYC

"I've been meeting with Abbey once/week for a few months and love it! Abbey's unique combination of pilates, stretching and cardio has helped me to increase flexibility and strength as well as improve my posture...I've also lost 5 lbs in the process!"
Jenni, NYC

"Abbey is not a one-size-fits-all kind of trainer. She evaluates your body, it's strengths and weaknesses, and customizes your workouts accordingly. Since starting to work with Abbey, many of my aches and pains have been eliminated or greatly diminished."
Pauline, NYC

"Faced with a daunting diagnosis of a torn labrum and rotator cuff Abbey developed a program of weights and exercises to support and build strength in my shoulder. I was able to avoid surgery and other invasive treatments because she was an integral part of my overall recovery and subsequent healing. Even my doctor wanted her contact info!"
Brooke, NYC

"In my 40+ years of exercising to stay in shape, I have worked with numerous personal trainers and experienced a wide variety of training philosophies and styles. I have never been as pleased nor achieved such visible, and more important, functional results, as I have in the two years I have been training with Abbey. Owing to her extensive knowledge of the body and the preciseness with which she targets specific muscles, and the unique way in which she tweaks every exercise to customize it for my particular needs, my posture has totally changed and my long standing lower back and neck issues have been remedied. Abbey puts 110% of herself into every minute of a training session. Any body, young, old, male or female, is certain to benefit from her many talents."
Sherry, NYC

"I have worked with Abbey on and off for nearly a decade.  When I first went to her, I was having severe back problems and also gaining weight at a disturbing pace.  After she put me on a reasonably demanding exercise routine (with a focus on strengthening my back), as well as helping me to design a more healthy diet, my back problems vanished and I lost 25 pounds.  Abbey has a lively and empathetic personality - no shouting, abusive exhortations that many personal trainers are notorious for.  I recommend her highly and without reservation."
William, Hoboken

"Abbey is a find in New York City. She has transformed my body and my life for the greater. My back aches are gone, I have new muscle tone, and am much stronger. I am lucky to have this wonderful, knowledgeable woman in my life...also my bone density scan shows an increase in my bones. I know this is because of my weight training that I could not have done on my own. There is no better person to train with."
Rutanya, NYC

"At the point that my sister recommended Abbey to me, I had retired my theatrical career, put on a ton of weight and hadn't worked out in years. My body felt like a 'blob'......literally, 'dead' from the neck down!! I could barely do 1 minute on the stationary bike, or more than 2 or 3 repetitions of any exercise she gave me. With her supreme patience, kindness and masterful knowledge of how 'older bodies' work......I, slowly, became toned and fit, to the point where my muscles are strong and firm, plus,  I now have great endurance, and energy. Along with being a gifted dancer, trapeze artist, reflexologist, and personal trainer, Abbey is one of the most emotionally healthy people I've ever met. She has a deep respect for herself and others... zero 'attitude  and is even tempered and confident in her own abilities......She is willing to work with my schedule which is important to me, as it changes from week to week. Our workouts are diversified and never boring...... Abbey also has a great appreciation of humor, (heartily laughs at my jokes), and is a terrific listener  (I, sometimes, regale her with stories of my week for our entire hour!!).....I always feel she is truly 'interested' in what I have to say, and in what I am dealing with.......She is not only my 'workout guru', she has become a treasured friend.. Thank you, Abbey,  for never giving up on me, when I had all but given up on myself....You have my vote as "Best Personal Trainer in NYC"!!"
Rosalind, NYC

"I have been working with Abbey for over 10 years.  I have some really specific pain, and Abbey is the only person I can go to that actual provides information and exercises that work to heal my pain.  Abbey's edge is her intense knowledge of the body.  I have been to many trainers, that count...but Abbey explains the whys and the hows, and has empathy and passion.  Priceless in my opinion."
Jacqueline, NYC

"I have worked with Abbey for several years. She has a lot of knowledge about how the body works. She is able to customize workouts for each individual. She is very patient and makes working out fun. Abbey cares a lot about the well being of her clients. I highly recommend her."
Ellen, NYC

"I have been working with Abbey for about a year and she has made a tremendous difference in my physical well being. She has an amazing understanding of the body and with her encouragement I have gotten stronger in a way that is safe and balanced. She is a wonderful guide to helping anyone realize their own personal fitness goals and potential."
Abbe, NYC

"Abbey's training method is, simply, effective.  Over the past 10 years of training with her, I have seen a considerable improvement in my physique, I've felt more consistent wellbeing, and I've seen an end to aches.  Abbey has a insightful knowledge of the body, and in addition to her certifications and studies, she has distinguished herself by strength training with Drs. Louis & Nestor Savas - the Savases were among the best chiropractors in the world before they retired.  Abbey motivates me to work, is focused in her approach to one's body, and she is a genuinely kind and empathetic person.  She is upbeat and funny, and her home studio is comfortable and charming.  She is also a trapeze artist and engaged in artistic pursuits, it's great to be around someone living life so fully.  I will work with her forever."
Edward, NYC

"What Abbey is able to accomplish in her apartment/personal gym is amazing. I love the fact that I don't have to go to a gym and I get awesome one-on-one personal attention. Training with Abbey has been a wonderful experience and she has added greatly to my quality of life! She has helped to rehabilitate my body. My friend recommended Abbey because I was always complaining about back pain. She told me how Abbey had trained with a chiropractor so if anyone could help my back, she could. Abbey has helped rehabilitate and strengthen my back. I have bursitis in one shoulder and she has helped me strengthen my shoulders. I also have a breakdown on cartilage in my knees and she has strengthened my knees. She has strengthened my neck and my posture has greatly improved. She knows I like to sing, so she gives me exercises for my core to help with my breath support. I have muscles now that I never knew existed! If I complain that a part of my body is hurting because I did something foolish over the weekend, she knows how to work around injuries and still gives me a good workout. I like that she focuses on weights to strengthen but I know I am getting a cardio benefit as well because I break out into a sweat! Abbey knows when to push me and when I need to take it easy.I agree with Rosalind who wrote: "Along with being a gifted dancer, trapeze artist, reflexologist, and personal trainer, Abbey is one of the most emotionally healthy people I've ever met. She has a deep respect for herself and others... zero 'attitude  and is even tempered and confident in her own abilities." I could not have stated that any better! Abbey has a great personality and is so easy to talk to. Abbey is not just my trainer, she is my friend. I can't recommend Abbey enough!"
Michelle, Brooklyn