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american college of sports medicinePersonal Training with Abbey. Abbey is a ACSM certified personal trainer in NYC, physical fitness trainers Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Weight lifting fitness training program.


American College of Sports Medicine


"Faced with a daunting diagnosis of a torn labrum and rotator cuff Abbey developed a program of weights and exercises to support and build strength in my shoulder. I was able to avoid surgery and other invasive treatments because she was an integral part of my overall recovery and subsequent healing. Even my doctor wanted her contact info!" - Brooke B., NYC


What do you want from a workout? Most people would reply: lose weight, get toned, improve posture, gain muscle, more energy, improve stamina and confidence.

You can have all of that and more through weight training. More? How about getting rid of those chronic aches and pains that somehow you have just decided to "live with." No one should just "live with" pain. There is no reason for it. If your muscles are balanced and functioning properly - meaning doing their proper jobs - then life should be enjoyed with ease.

An office will sometimes bring in an efficiency expert. Somebody to analyze whether or not work is being done in the most efficient manner. Is the work load properly divided up? Are hard working people getting the pay that they deserve or are they being overworked and feeling strain of the way the system is set up? My workouts approach the body from this angle. We start with the weakest core areas and build from there. It is important to lay foundation work so as to prevent injury and also help you reach your greatest fitness potential as well as your best posture.

Great posture optimizes every movement that you do throughout your day: posture helps your everyday movements work to improve and tone your body, while alleviating pain and stress. Posture is not about simply telling your body to stand up straight - it is about methodically strengthening muscles that pull your body into good alignment. To me, being fit means being able to move with ease, feel good about yourself and confident about your body.

What makes working with me different from other trainers? In addition to working in a gym and chiropractic office, I was a professional dancer from 1994 - 2013. I approach exercise not as only as a personal trainer but also as a dancer, I look at the body in motion as a whole not just isolated arms, legs, and abdominals.

When training with me you will also have the comfort of working out in a private environment. Sessions are at my home in midtown Manhattan - you will not have to deal with the distraction of the gym scene or have to pay fees to a gym you may not use. My studio is includes a full set of dumbbell weights, ankle weights, exercise balls, back extension unit, and power cage - everything we could possibly need to get you in shape and ready to take healthy charge of your life.

So what will we be doing?

"Abbey is a find in New York City. She has transformed my body and my life for the greater. My back aches are gone, I have new muscle tone, and am much stronger. I am lucky to have this wonderful, knowledgeable woman in my life...also my bone density scan shows an increase in my bones. I know this is because of my weight training that I could not have done on my own. There is no better person to train with." - Rutanya Alda, NYC

Abbey's training method is, simply, effective. Over the past 10 years of training with her, I have seen a considerable improvement in my physique, I've felt more consistent wellbeing, and I've seen an end to aches. Abbey has a insightful knowledge of the body, and in addition to her certifications and studies, she has distinguished herself by strength training with Drs. Louis & Nestor Savas - the Savases were among the best chiropractors in the world before they retired. Abbey motivates me to work, is focused in her approach to one's body, and she is a genuinely kind and empathetic person. She is upbeat and funny, and her home studio is comfortable and charming. She is also a trapeze artist and engaged in artistic pursuits, it's great to be around someone living life so fully. I will work with her forever. - Edward, NYC

"Abbey is not a one-size-fits-all kind of trainer. She evaluates your body, it's strengths and weaknesses, and customizes your workouts accordingly. Since starting to work with Abbey, many of my aches and pains have been eliminated or greatly diminished." - Pauline, NYC

"I have worked with Abbey for several years. She has a lot of knowledge about how the body works. She is able to customize workouts for each individual. She is very patient and makes working out fun. Abbey cares a lot about the well being of her clients. I highly recommend her." - Ellen, NYC

Wedding Fitness Training for Brides!

Bridal Personal Training in Manhattan, NYC

Getting married soon?
Well then it is time to take measures to look and feel your best! If you have time before your wedding you can get into better shape. The only thing that you need to do is actively commit. Let me give you a quick break down of what will be involved in my wedding fitness for brides program. MORE...

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